Things I Learned In My First Month of College

Whether it’s your first year of college or you’re transferring to the magical land of hysteria, here are a handful of college advice that will help you with your own experience.

1.  Pack Ear Plugs

Unfortunately, but at the same time – fortunately, I am a commuter. The day I had my first sleep over with one of my good friends is the day I will never forget. Maybe it’s because I drank too much coffee, but there was so much ruckus in the hallways at 2 a.m., that I couldn’t help but toss and turn. On top of that, my friend’s roommate, who “slept” adjacent from us, had her laptop on blaring some soap opera for the ENTIRE night. While I was left to suffer insomnia, my friend was sound asleep with earplugs tucked in.

2.  Attend Campus-Sponsored Events (especially if it’s free)

My friends and I have a knack for attending free events, partially because we had some school spirit, partially because we wanted to make the most out of college – but most likely because WE WANTED FREE FOOD. Say no more to the stereotypical broke college student! I remember attending internship events that served homemade lasagna, tacos, and salads. In small events, cookies and cans of Monster would be on display. (The fraternity I attended handed me 2 Monsters and it is a life-saver when it comes to late-night cramming). No matter where I went, there would always be a free incentive from food to small things like keychains.

3.  Don’t Date, At Least, Not Until You Have Established A Rigid Friend Group

For the first couple of weeks, I made potential friends and acquaintances. It wasn’t until I met someone who I liked that I turned my back on them. College is all about the experiences, the hardships, and the friendships. You have all your life to find love, so why find it in those precious segment of time in your life? College is a place to gain your independence and find out who you want to be. Don’t let anyone lead you to a different diffraction than what you intended. Now I am left with a couple actual good friends. I could have made more, but my adolescent heart was fawning over every God-damn person.

4.  Learn Email Etiquette

I cried at least 3 times while on campus, but nothing can equate to the total frustration and blubbery of once being on a professor’s “bad side.” One careless mistake or connotation behind an email can change your relationship with your professor. In my case, I used exclamation points while asking my professor if she has already graded my papers. In general, I use exclamation marks to convey that I am excited or enthusiastic. I wrote my emails hastily as I was extremely busy; however, I didn’t think there was anything wrong with my request until the professor emailed me back with a warning. I was dumbfounded, shaken by some sort of madness. At one point, I thought I was in a nightmare. Never before have I been seriously scolded by a superior (do you get #teacherspet vibes?). From now on, I have refrained from using exclamation points in its entirety. Guided by friends, I sent an apology email to my professor explaining my motives. Everything turned to be A-Ok.

5.  No One Actually Takes Out Their Laptops And Begins Typing Away During Lecture

Don’t be delusional as me: barely anyone takes out their laptops, slamming their keyboards while the professor starts talking. Real-life doesn’t equate to the movies. Instead, people write their notes in actual paper spiraled notebooks (WHAT?!). It’s a good thing I also packed several notebooks to write on. It felt weird to be the only one with a laptop…

6.  Make Friends With Dormers (if you’re a commuter)

No, don’t just be their friend so you can sleep over and save yourself the trouble. Genuinely meet all sorts of people and ask them if they dorm. Chances are, they do. You never know if there is a severe accident or inclement weather, so having a disperse number of friends who can house you in can be a life-saver. About 90% of my friends dorm, by chance.

7.  Highschool Drama Verses College Drama

The only difference is: no one actually cares.

8.  Listen To The Upperclassmen

There’s this buffet place on campus called D-Hall (Short for dining hall). Since I have a campus card with a certain number of meals attached to it, I thought going to a buffet as opposed to just getting a chicken sandwich from down the road would be a better bang for my buck. I never understood why the upperclassmen scorned D-Hall until I found a fly in my rice…

Yes…A fly…Just the thought of that makes me feel oozy.

9.  Be Yourself

Because high school should have made you realize that being fake isn’t the life. At college, you have a chance to start all over. BECOME THAT INNER NERD OR TRY OUT A SPORT. Back in high school, I was regarded as the “shy girl,”but on campus, no one would ever consider me to be shy – i’m like a bouncing jelly bean who has no chill.



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