My college essay was about monkeys and hogs

My college essay was about making friends with monkeys and hogs on a deserted island. Yea, that’s how I got accepted into an Honors college, go figure.

I think it was about escaping society so I could go do my own thing – without rule or regulation. It was philosophical for the most part. My monkeys and hogs were my good and bad conscious – similar to that of angel verses devil.

At that time, I was an adolescent – rebellious. I didn’t like rules – and still don’t.

But there’s a part of me now that realizes that sometimes we need regulations to keep us sane. Without it, we’d all be out of order, out of unity, into chaos.

In my essay, I wanted to be alone with my conscious.

I needed that reflection and that ability to be comfortable on a remote island, no one watching, no one whispering, no one ordering me around.

It’s funny looking back on it.




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